Nita Bharti seminar

Nita BhartiDon’t forget that CIDD’s Nita Bharti will being giving a talk tomorrow:

  • The role of movement in the spread and control of disease
  • March 17, 4-5pm
  • 8 Mueller Lab
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Lunch with Dr. Seth Barribeau

Please join us for lunch with Dr. Seth Barribeau (East Carolina University) following his seminar titled “Specificity, memory, and immune system evolution across a social gradient.”  He is very interested in host-parasite interactions within insects!

Where: W-203 Millennium Science Complex

When: March 19th, 2015 12:00 – 1:00PM

Please RSVP before Wednesday, March 18th at 5pm using the poll below. Hope to see you there!

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Big in Japan

CIDD faculty member Matt Ferrari recently traveled to Miyazaki, Japan for a research collaboration on foot and mouth disease. Below is a link to local news coverage along with a rough translation:

Following is very rough translation:

Foreign research teams working on FMD visited Miyazaki, and they exchanged the opinions with local government staffs who were in charge for FMD containment 5 years ago to learn what kind of control measure had been taken.

Those who visiting Miyazaki are the team of mathematicians from 4 countries including US and UK.

FMD occurred in UK 2001. which lead to slaughtering of more than 6 million livestock. It is also still spreading in Korea now; FMD posing significant international concerns.
With this background, this team is developing simulation models which can help predicting how the disease would spread if FMD would occur. On 27th, they exchanged their opinions with local government staffs. who were actually involved in the FMD containment 5 years ago.

(Miyazaki staff) Depending on the outbreak situation, we have to decide, say, whether using vaccine or not, or conducting preemptive culling or not. This requires vast financial support.
(Reporter) Here is FMD memorial centre in Takanabe-town. Researchers from abroad will visit here to learn about the FMD outbreak in Miyazaki from now.

Researchers looked into exhibitions very seriously.

And followed by Colleen’s interview…

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Science image contest

If you use any hi-res imaging in your research, you may want to check out the College of Engineering Art in Science competition (mentioned today at the Millennium Cafe). The website information is a bit sparse, but it’s sponsored by the Engineering Graduate Student Council, and they’ll be awarding $100 to the top three science images.

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Research and industry

There’s an upcoming Vet-Biomed talk that may be of interest if you’re pursuing opportunities in industry:

  • Evolution of pharmaceutical research at the interface of academia and industry
  • Andrew Dahlem, Eli Lilly and Co.
  • March 4, 2015, 10-11am
  • W201 MSC
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LinkedIn seminar

The Biotech Club is sponsoring a seminar next week on how to showcase your technical expertise on LinkedIn.

  • Seminar: Presenting Professional Skills on LinkedIn
  • Monday, 3/2, 6-7pm
  • 301D Life Sciences
  • contact: Taryn Serman
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Free tax service!

Income tax 1040 preparation

© Sparkia |

It’s time for my annual plug for Penn State’s VITA program. If you’re a poor grad student, these volunteers will fill out and file your taxes for free! Schedule an appointment here; slots are available now through April 11.

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Career development seminars

There are a couple of interesting career development seminars this week. Highlights:

  • Thursday/Monday: “Writing a Teaching Philosophy: First Steps” with Stephen Van Wert and Whitney Zimmerman–registration required
    • February 26th from 1-2:15 PM in 315 Rider Building OR
    • Monday, March 2nd from 1-2:15 PM in 7A Sparks Building
  • Thursday: “Non-Traditional Career Tracks” with Lauren Kaskiel, (GlaxoSmithKline), 5:45-6:45 PM in 101 Osmond
  • Saturday: “Panel Discussion on Non-Academic Careers” with 12 Eberly alumni, 3:30 PM in the Nittany Lion Inn Boardroom–RSVP

These and other career development seminars may be found here.

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Upcoming events for CIDD Grads

Now that the semester’s well underway, I’d like to initiate two quasi-weekly events; journal club and computational corner.
Journal club is a semi-weekly meeting where we discuss papers and the greater significance to disease research.  Each meeting will – hopefully – be run by someone different, so we can get a variety of perspectives.  As I’m aware all of us are busy, this means journal club will be run on an as-needed basis.   This poll is for the time of the first journal club: To save running doodle polls repeatedly in the future, it would be nice if you chose a time where you expect to be free on a regular basis, so we can use this as a default time for journal club.
As I was excited by Andrew’s recent CIDD lunch, I’d like to discuss “evolution proof” management, inspired by his 2009 paper:
Computational corner is a recent innovation.  Many of us work on what are essentially programming problems as part of our research, but it can be hard to make the time to sit and code in the face of a myriad of other responsibilities as a graduate student.  Computational corner is meant to essentially be a study group – we’ll meet in the second floor lounge (by Andrew’s office) every Friday afternoon and work our our respective programming projects together.  On weeks where attendance is good, we may even spring for snacks.  Tentatively this will start at 2 PM and run until whenever people leave, but as it’s an informal thing, coming late and leaving early are both acceptable.  This will start this upcoming Friday, Febuary 27th.
I hope to see you there!
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Lunch with Dr. Sabra Klein

Join us for lunch with Dr. Sabra Klein (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) immediately following her seminar titled “The Evolution of SeXX Differences in the Outcome of Infection and Vaccination.”  Her lab focuses on how males and females respond differently to viruses and vaccinations.

Where: W-203 Millennium Science Complex

When: February 26th, 2015 12:00 – 1:00PM

Please RSVP before Wednesday, February 25th at 5pm using the poll below. Hope to see you there!

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