Weird Science series

Narratively‘s theme this week is weird science, and the articles so far (on Maysam Ghovanloo’s tongue-driven wheelchairs and David Edwards’ inhalable particle technology) have been inspiring both from a scientific and entrepreneurial standpoint.

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WHO internship program

This could be an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in zoonotic disease surveillance and assessment:

h/t Andrew Read

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Why grad students go beyond research

…and love it!

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Grad assistantship opportunity

For those of you asking questions in the social sciences realm, the Quantitative Social Science Initiative (QuaSSI) has put out a call for graduate assistantships. NOTE: The application deadline is July 10.

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Are you PI material?

Welcome to today’s edition of models that tell you what you already knew but wish wasn’t true: “What it takes

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Congratulations to the new officers

The CGSA has a brand new board!

To our departing board members, thank you for a great year–it’s been an honor to serve with you. To our new officers, good luck–I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the CGSA!

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Officer Voting

Vote for your new CGSA board members here:

Voting ends at midnight on Thursday, June 19. Good luck to all the candidates!

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Music at the Arboretum

Happening tomorrow night:

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Call for officer nominations!

It’s that time again. Maybe you have some great ideas for seminars next year,  want to completely revamp journal club, or think that the snack cabinet would be sooo much better if it were filled entirely with purple jellybeans. Continue reading

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Securing a foothold on the shoulders of giants

There are a multitude of ways to measure academic performance, but when it comes to peer-reviewed publications, there is one metric to rule them all: citations. Therefore, one of the most exciting things to find in my inbox is a Google Scholar notification that my work has been cited by a peer. But about half the time, when I skim the citing paper for context, I’m met with disillusionment rather than satisfaction. Here’s why…

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